Work in Progress YEAR 3

7th Transnational Meeting Anzio


"Playing together in our European dreamcity"

The friendship stars:
Achilleas from Greece
Annelie from Germany
Juanjoselito from Spain
Lidia from Italy
Natalie from Belgium
Vilho from Finland

Season Greetings
Easter Carols

Video conference

Germany - Greece 17.03.2017

E-book pages

CLIL- Self evaluation

Athens, our capital city! Quizizz 

 Prezi About Athens
Calendar 2017

Christmas Greetings


Video conference

Finland - Greece 12.12.2016

Some facts about Erasmus+ -project countries


Traditional cretan dance

Pentozali dance steps
1. Right foot to the side 2. Left foot back 3. Right foot stands on ground 4. Left foot kicks 5. Left foot stands on ground 6. Right foot kicks

D1 class

Stamatis, Vangelis, Andriana, Tzesi, Daniel, Marina, 
Danai, Eftihia, Dorothea, Emily, Gerta, Marua

Music  of the traditional dance
Vassilis Skoulas

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